Sweden: Four Muslims Behead and Skinned a Cat for fun

Sweden – Swedish police are investigating a case of animal abuse after a photo was published on the internet where four muslim men appeared with the severed head of a cat. One of them held the animal’s head while another was holding a knife and the cat’s body.

After leaving this photo on the internet, new images have been revealed where you can see just how they cut away the skin with a large knife and stand proudly with the cat’s head.

Östergötland police are investigating the case, but it finally went to the city of Nykoping. According to a police report, the man with the cat’s head has been identified as a citizen of Vagnhärad, Sweden. He was the initial one identified and is the primary suspect of the animal cruelty because he is the one who published the photo.

Following up on his identification, investigators were able to reveal the identity of the other three muslim men involved through their social profiles on Facebook.

According to their facebook pages, the one holding the cat’s head is Hamza Tchaki. The man at his left side holding the knife is Youssef Ben Ali and the one on his right wearing the baseball cap is Kuorbam Uomama. Finally, the man in the back of the photo is Firas Mani. All four men are of Tunisian-Muslim origin.

The men have been bragging of their success in torturing the cat on Twitter and Facebook.

Additional Photos (of the sick muslim bastards) Obtained From Bare Naked Islam (BNI):

behead-cat-1 behead-cat-2 behead-cat-3 behead-cat-6 behead-cat-7


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