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Riyadh: Saudi Man Faces 1,000 Lashes for Having Sex With Vacuum Cleaner


Riyadh | Saudi police officers in the district of Al-Mansuriyya in the branch municipality of Al-Shifa have arrested a man accused of having sex with his vacuum cleaner, reports the Riyadh Daily.

The man was caught in full action by his wife of 17 years before she reported her husband to authorities.

“After 17 years of loyalty, this is how this miscreant treats me,” she told local reporters. “I feel used, I feel dirty,” she added.

Capital punishment

As adultery is a crime punishable by death in Islamic law, usually performed by stoning the person to death, experts believe the man’s condemnation is a light one.

“Due to the peculiar nature of this case of adultery, in which the accused performed sex with a home appliance and not with an animal or a human being, the judge has decided to give him a lighter sentence than usual for this crime” admits legal expert and Middle East specialist, Hakim Ben Ali. “Two years in prison and 1,000 lashes is more than acceptable for the region,” he acknowledges.

Pleading his innocence

The man accused of adultery strongly maintained his innocence before the court.

“We were unable to identify if the suspect performed any sexual act with his vacuum cleaner,” Saeed Saleh Trad, the spokesperson for Al-Shafi police, said. “He was arrested and is held in custody pending further investigations,” he told reporters.

The case could be a first one for Saudi law as nothing in Islamic law is stated about sexual acts performed onto home appliances but the accusation still applies as an act of adultery, believe experts.

(From Favogram)

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  • This is absolutely terrible, but the choice of vacuum cleaner image for this article may be slightly funny. Who designed the Henry vacuum cleaner?!

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