‘Polio vaccine poisonous, says its a Christian and Jew conspiracy to destroy Muslims’ : Pakistani Muslim woman


Islamabad: At a time when the world is highly concerned about eradicating Polio from the planet completely, a Pakistani woman believes it is a conspiracy by Jewish and Christian communities against Muslims.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a burkha-clad woman says that Polio and other vaccine is a dajjali conspiracy so that the Muslim children are unable to join the forces of Imam Mehdi against the forces of dajjal (the false messiah).

Since the woman, who has been identified as Dr Umme-e-Muhammad, has spoken in Urdu, here is the English transcript of what she says:

(The excerpts are taken from the blog of Carol Anne Grayson)

“Assalaam Alaikum my fellow countrymen. In our country there has been a constant reign of forceful and brutal martial law. Now these rulers have crossed even the brutalities of the pharaohs. Now the countrymen are not facing the army martial law but medical martial law. If you do not give your innocent infants the poison drops then your daily life will be curtailed. There is no guarantee that in the very near future your infants will be taken from you and given to the Jewish and Christian NGOs. The pharaohs used to kill innocent children openly but these worshipers of money on the promises of giving life are selling poison drops and injections. I am not saying these things in this forum on verbal information but on the basis of my personal experience and research.

In the near future the enemies of Muslims are developing such viruses which will be sprayed onto Muslim population so that whole of the inhabitants will become numb. Polio vaccine and similar vaccines are a part of the same chain. Allah has warned us about the nefarious designs of the Zionists and Christians.

Polio and other vaccine is a dajjali conspiracy so that our children are unable to join the forces of Imam Mehdi against the forces of dajjal. I appeal to the doctors, nurses and health workers that do not become a cause for the race elimination and destruction of Muslims. Do not spoil your afterlife for a few rupees. O my Muslims mothers how can you expose your loved ones to the poisoned drops and injections. Now the reality is that to get gas and electricity facilities you have to make your children mentally and physically disabled.”

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