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Iran: We’re Ready to ‘Restart’ Nuclear Activities


Iran’s Vice President and head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, threatened to restart to nuclear activities ‘if necessary.’

In an interview on Friday night with an Iranian television channel, Channel Two, Salehi brought up the possibility of new negotiations on the nuclear agreement as the US administration stated.

He said that the new negotiations will prove to be a lesson on how to negotiate nuclear terms, and the need to be more accurate.

“Today, each will explain the terms of the nuclear deal as he wants, and will say the deal has not been violated,” he added.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javed Zarif, sent a letter to the nuclear deal’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action calling for a meeting to discuss the United States’ recent call to extend sanctions on Iran.

Zarif pointed out Iran’s full commitment to the deal’s obligations, since the signing of the agreement.

Source: Al Arbiya

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