India: 3 Muslim men kidnap 13-yr-old girl, forcibly marry her to justify rape for 3 months till pregnant, surrendered


Accused surrendered in court after girl’s father filed a case

Three persons have been arrested for allegedly abducting a 13-year-old girl from her residence in New Friends Colony on May 10, raping her and forcing her into a marriage. The girl, who is now pregnant, has refused to go back to her parents’ place and has been sent to a shelter home.

The main accused, Iddu Khan, and the girl surrendered before a Delhi court on July 7 following a case filed by the latter’s father. The other two accused, Buddhu Khan and Nizamuddin, were arrested in police raids. “The three men are in judicial custody. We have registered a case on charges of kidnapping under IPC, Child Marriage Restraint Act and Prevention of Child from Sexual Offences Act,” said DCP (South East) Romil Baaniya.

Neighbours suspect

The father of the girl, a native of Bulandshahr and a driver with the Indian Army, said he was away for work in Punjab when the girl was allegedly abducted. “I had left on May 9. The next day, my wife was at work and the two sons were at home. My daughter told them she was going out to buy ice-cream but she didn’t return,” he said.

The father suspected a few men residing opposite their house of abducting his daughter. He lodged a complaint on May 12 when he returned from Punjab and then he, along with the police, started looking for the girl. He claimed he went to Etah and several other places in Uttar Pradesh along with the police where they suspected the accused may have taken the girl. “We got to know that she was made to stay in Jaithra village for 20 days,” he said.

After two raids in May, the father alleged that the police told him they can’t help him any more after which he knocked the doors of the court in the first week of June. “The court then put pressure on the police and asked them to find the girl,” he said.

Court appearance

On July 7, however, the victim and Iddu Khan appeared in the court and surrendered. “The girl was medically examined and she was found to be pregnant,” said Mr. Baaniya.

The surrender is suspected to be an outcome of the raids that were conducted in Etah on July 3. “During investigation, the Nikahnama of the missing girl and Iddu Khan was found, after which raids were conducted in Etah. The man who had signed as witness in the marriage, Buddhu Khan, was arrested. Later another witness, Nizamuddin, was also arrested,” said the DCP.

The father alleged that he spent several thousands of rupees on the fuel during police raids in Etah. Responding to the allegations levelled by the father, Mr. Baaniya said he has asked the vigilance department to meet the father. “If we receive a written complaint, an enquiry will be initiated,” he said.

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