Danish school bans Muslim students from wearing niqab


An adult education centre in a Copenhagen suburb has told Muslim students that they can no longer attend classes unless they remove the niqab face veil.

The controversial move was an effort to promote “free and unhindered communication” which would be compromised by the face veils, RT online reported citing VUC Lyngby school which put it up on its Facebook page.

“Teaching takes place by means of communication. And this cannot be done if they’re wearing a niqab,” deputy headteacher Inge Voller told Metroxpress.

According to the school, the rules were changed last autumn to no longer allow students to cover their faces during classes. However, it came into the spotlight this week, after the school posted it on its Facebook page.

Denmark’s ruling Venstre party has also expressed its support, along with the Conservatives and Danish People’s Party (DF).

“It is essential in our society that we can see each other and interpret each other when we talk together,” DF spokesman Martin Henriksen told Ritzau news agency.

DF has long been a strong advocate for a nationwide ban on the niqab.

“We want a total ban except for within one’s private home. One can do whatever they want there,” Henriksen said.

France and Belgium are so far the only two countries to place a nationwide ban on the niqab. The burqa and niqab have been banned in parts of Switzerland and Italy. They were also banned in parts of Spain, but that decision was later dropped.

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