Bangladesh: Faraz Ayaz Hossain was a terrorist and not a hero as social media apologists claim


Social media has been crying for one “Faraz Ayaz Hossain”, who apparently refused to leave his friend’s side despite the terrorists allowing him to leave. Reports suggested that Faraz said he would not leave without his friends and ended up being shot dead by the terrorists.

“It is a story of sacrifice that will not be forgotten easily. Faraz Ayaz Hossain, a student at Emory University in the US, who was among the 20 hostages killed in the terrifying attack by terrorists at a Dhaka restaurant, apparently spurned an offer from the militants to leave as he didn’t want to desert his two female friends and fellow passengers.”

But a video which has been doing rounds on social media suggests that the said person Faraz Ayaz Hossain might have himself been a terrorist and a part of the gang which attacked the cafe in Dhaka. In this video, a man who resembles Faraz is seen walking with a gun in his hand. We were however not able to verify the authenticity of this video.

Hishaam Hossain, a nephew of Faraz, told The New York Times that the terrorists had released a group of women wearing hijabs. Faraz was also offered the chance to leave the café along with them. However, when the two women accompanying him in Western outfits were refused an exit, Faraz chose to stay behind.

When Bangladeshi army commandos stormed into the bakery and ended the 10-hour-long siege after killing six of the seven suspected ISIS militants, all three American universities’ students were found dead. The commandos managed to rescue 13 hostages.

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