Austria: Refugee asylum centre accused of covering up sex abuse


According to the mother, managers at the asylum seeker refuge told her that the child might be taken into care if she mentioned it.

The woman had left her son in the hands of a 23-year-old Iranian man in the asylum accommodation where they were both living.

However when she returned from shopping to her room in the property in the Upper Austrian district of Liezen, she found him extremely distressed and he told her what had happened.

The officials at the home had allegedly advised her not to make a complaint about it.

The incident happened on 7th June, according to police. The woman from Iraq said she had trusted the Iranian man and he took advantage of the situation to sexually abuse the youngster.

Police are also investigating whether the managers at the asylum accommodation did not raise the alarm and instead tried to persuade her not to do anything about it.

Management and the accused 23-year-old have both denied the accusations.

Although according to the Krone newspaper, only after other shocked asylum seekers made a huge fuss was the matter reported to police. The investigation is ongoing.

Story courtesy of Central European News

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  • Covering up will only encourage more such sex abuse.
    When will the politicians worldwide understand and realize that being political correct may not be the right thing.

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